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Launching Fatman Designer Blog

#The idea

I started the site [fatmandesigner.com](http://fatmandesigner.com) a few months after joining Harvey Nash Vietnam.

1. I needed a place for my online presence.

1. I needed a place to advertise for my future startup - FatmanDesigner.com.

#The struggle

As a perfectionist, I've wanted a lot of features for my site - but first of all, I don't want a PHP-based platform. Joomla and WordPress simply do not suit my taste.

In 2011, Google AppEngine was a big thing to me. I said to myself: "Wow! I can build anything with Python. Google would scale the infrastructure for me." Without any second thoughts, I started the web design work and a backend based on Django. But that too was not easy after all.

The problem was that I wanted a site to build a brand for myself (i.e, *fatmandesigner.com*) but had no idea what to put online. The would-be gallery page would be filled with far-from-furnished artworks. The homepage would be blank or overly decorated with useless filler.

#Refining the scope

Now that four years have come and gone, I know what I want - a blogging platform with flexibility and extensibility in mind.

I choose Ghost.

Launching Fatman Designer Blog
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